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Join the movement. The bowel movement.

In the new MTV campaign, Nikki Reed is asking people everywhere to “give a shit”—both figuratively and, ahem, literally. The campaign, aims to encourage people to… just care. Care about the various problems facing the world. Reed, with inspiration from the Dahli Lama, argues that the simple act of just caring can lead to actions being taken to cure the world of its ills. If only. But, hey, it’s valiant effort that taps into everyone “God-given moment of solitude and contemplation.”

According to the site’s privacy policy and copyright statements, Give-a-Shit.org is a production of MTV Networks. And encouraging the world’s youth to care about important issues sounds like a decent premise. But it turns out that MTV, unable to resist a dose of shock value, wants us to take time to “give a shit” while actually giving a shit, which Reed explains while seated, pants down, on a toilet. Also, while the power of positive thinking is certainly admirable, just “giving a shit” about an issue isn’t going to accomplish much. Nowhere do the PSA or the Give-A-Shit.org site actually ask people to take action—like volunteering or donating to a cause—beyond sending the occasional tweet while relieving themselves. Sure, it would be great if everyone cared a little more about our world (and not just in the bathroom), but if it doesn’t use its power to actively promote change, MTV’s social-awareness campaign becomes little more than a juvenile publicity stunt.

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  1. This is a great example of modern metaphysics. The idea that just thinking about something changes reality beyond your brain cells is a dangerous one. All studies about the supposed power of prayer have been debunked or diluted down to the effectiveness of a placebo ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Efficacy_of_prayer ). When you “give a s___” – you ARE changing the world, but only so slightly.

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