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Night Visions (wallpaper & poetry)

Feel free to download the wallpaper created for the Night Visions poem:


My humble past is catching up
And lonely thoughts I reenact
When dark at night when all seems clear
I see the dawn break on frontier

My burning match leaves smoky smell
The one I want to deep inhale
Through my existence and my cells
Those keep the odor in the stems

Still burning lungs and brain that wonders
My heart that pumps my blood & stumbles
It leaves the trace of keen imprint
For those who weep by morning deed

They head to places they think feed them
I’ve been there; I know what they feel there
Beyond fluorescent light it’s hollow
It’s better shallow dreams to follow

Behold, rethink and reenact
The thoughts that follow you in dark
I’d like to write them down at night
When magic happens or it might

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