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Sustainable way of leaving your information behind

Have you ever been to a conference where you have gathered tons and tons of business cards and promotional materials that you eventually threw away because you simply got tired of sifting through the information? I know I did and it made me angry at times. We have become aware of the impact and imprint we leave on the planet but yet found a solution to sustain the meaningful and Eco-friendly ways to our waste.

A lot of printing companies offer recycling paper options for businesses to display their identity and sales collateral materials but the options are not cheap and still not widely used. Although a lot of designers have been inventing new ways to implement biodegradable options into our daily lives, we are still ignoring or bypassing most of them because they are not easily accessible as other product on the market.

I have been thinking about my contribution to the Planet and how I can improve the communication from the brand to consumer or from the business to business and I came up with an easy and available solution for businesses to advertise their business and make their information available at hand for many who have mobile gadgets we all admire and can’t live without.

If you you want me to share my idea with you about how you can contribute to sustainable lifestyle and business development please contact me for further assistance.

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