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How much does a website cost?

I get this question a lot. It’s a simple question that requires an elaborate answer. Websites are not shoes, they don’t have price tags attached to them like the loafers in DSW do. If you consider this analogy you might ask a question or two that relate to your custom kicks. Who these shoes will be worn by – Mike WhatsHisName or Chuck Norris? Will these shoes be made for walking or for alligator hunting in wild Amazonian jungles? Will the shoes be made of leather or glass suitable only for Cinderella feet?

In order to properly assess the price tag for a website you should consider how much you really can afford and what exactly your requirements are. Design is a process and requires investment of experience and time. While the experience is not really measurable for quoting a job, the amount of time, however, will be determined based on features, complexity and unique components a website in question will require.

Normally my clients fill out a questionnaire that help both parties to scope the project before a kick start. Here is a great resource for questions you might ask yourself before calling a designer/developer. I hope this will help you to clarify your needs and make the process a bliss.


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