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Winter goodies you wish you had earlier.

Brain Hat

It gets cold in Chicago. Not as cold as in Siberia but pretty damn freezing. So if you live in Midwest or in Siberia you probably heard from your parents that wearing a hat will prevent you from getting meningitis and will keep you warm all around. Now you have a chance to emphasize your huge awesome brain you’ve been carefully preserving all these years without hiding it during cold winters. Get your Brain Hat knitting pattern created by starving medical student Alana Noritake and prove ’em all that you are not as dumb after all.

Beardo Beard Hat

Well, for those days when it gets painfully cold yet you still need to clear the drive way and hike to a nearest store to stock up on canned food in case of blizzard Apocalypse there is another amazing hat that will save your face. Literally.

Beardo Beard hat is a brainchild of Jeff Phillips, a Canadian-born winter enthusiast who has a passion for snowboarding. Not only the hat is warm and funky but it’ll also provides a sweet disguise. The Beardo hat is available here.

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