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Custom Twitter Profile is a Necessity Not a Luxury

Social media has become an important way of connecting and building long lasting relationships with your client base. It’s a great marketing tool that allows you to establish a solid online presence in an inexpensive and timely manner. Twitter is one of the most popular social media sites today, allowing you to spread the news about your venture to large follower base.

Since Twitter allows its users to create custom profiles and lets to stand out from the crowd everyone should target their market with simple yet effective background marketing. A generic Twitter background says that you pay little attention or respect to your brand by avoiding brand awareness among your customer. It’s doesn’t make a lasting and good impression on people who follow your tweets or ones who stumble across your profile. It also doesn’t allow your customers to easily locate you on the Internet and visit your web site for more information about your business, product or services you offer.

While Twitter allows you to change your profile appearance very easily it doesn’t provide you with custom options to replace your background that would reflect your company’s nature. Merely changing the colors and adding a small image isn’t enough to make your profile stand out.

Also, a lot of business owners allow the background to reflect the traditional approach by presenting a “business card” on their twitter profile while they could be using the billboard space for promotional and seasonal materials. While anyone with an access to image authoring software can create custom design it is always a great idea to hire a professional to represent and realize your ideas in a best possible way.

Here are some samples of the custom Twitter profiles I have created for my clients, so if you are interested in making your profile more effective with that special “zing”, feel free to contact me so I can help you with social networking profile design.

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