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Russian Tattoo Artist Gives His Cat Matching Tattoo

Sometimes our love for our pets goes beyond acceptable. Some of us buy our furry friends matching outfits and the others “spoil” their pets with matching ink.

A 24-year old tattoo artist Timur from Russia’s Republic of Tatarstan is in hot water with animal rights activists after he posted a video online showing him giving his cat Coco a similar tattoo to the one he has on his chest.  So he just put the hairless feline to sleep for an hour and unleashed his artistic talent on her little chest. Proud of his crazy idea, he videotaped the whole process and took some photos of the finished artwork and posted them on his VKontakte (Russian Facebook) profile.

Unfortunately for Timur, experts say the tattoo will very likely degrade over time and eventually become just an ugly spot. Which is probably for the best, because the guy managed to misspell a phrase “carpe diem”, a popular Latin saying translated as “seize the day”.

In the mean time, the eccentric artist actually got a tattoo of his tattooed cat on his forearm. Maybe the next step for him to take is to tattoo himself on one of Coco’s front legs.




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