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Adobe Photoshop goes mobile

The iPad has been lacking image editing software since it’s birth. Up until recently it hasn’t had Photoshop. There was an attempt to fake it with Photoshop Express but quite honestly it felt like I’ve been tasking virgin Bloody Mary instead of the real deal. Photoshop Touch, which was available to Android users, finally hit the app market for iOS geeks.

The restrictions for professionals are still a bit of concern but once you get past the initial disappointment you’ll be pleased with the decent app that will cost you couple of tall Starbuck’s Mochas.

The app features the best and most useful features of it’s bigger older brother Photoshop. It has all the bare necessities such as brushes, erasers, layers, magic wand, cloning tools, color levels, brightness adjustment tools and much more.

Also, the app feels familiar with it’s tool and work space layout.You get unobstructed view of your images because every tool and panel retracts with the …wait for it… touch! And just like with any Adobe software you get a clever and pretty interface. If you don’t want to poke around and push the buttons to figure out the basic tools you can view the tutorials that come with an app.

However, there are still problems associated with pressure-sensitive drawing and custom brush support is cursory but you can still edit your images (if you don’t mind the creative mess), especially if tools you are planning to use involve color, brightness, opacity adjustments along with adding vintage effects or simple cleaning of the pimple on your nose with a cloning tool or healing brush.

The only disappointment I could not get over is a limited amount of fonts available within app. For now you won’t be able to use anything funky and reusing Postino made me pretty bored after a short while.

The bottom line:

Photoshop Touch is pretty amazing — for an iPad app that costs 10 bucks. However, if you are a professional that needs a fully-functional image editing software on the go – Photoshop Touch won’t save your world but will give you a cheap tool to edit your vacation photos.


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