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The Porcelain Immortal Art of Oleg Dou

Many are claiming to be photographers and artists these days. With accessible high-quality equipment everyone hits the Instagram and openly shares the amazing toasted polaroid-like shots with the world. However, not all can produce great work of art without the instant glow and saturation.

Oleg Dou, Moscow born an raised photographer, didn’t purchase his professional camera until 2005. However, his masterful skill is as fascinating as it is morbid. He combines the traditional photographic techniques with photo manipulation to produce masterful portraits that carry on amazing graphic consistency regardless of subject, color tone and setting.

Oleg’s inspiration came from the XIX’s century tradition: child funeral portrait. The shooting process took a long and careful preparation along with the production of the sophisticated and detailed costumes. Death, especially child’s death is a touchy subject that required a sensitive immortalization of the frail young body.

Also, photographer remembers his own childhood and the awful moments when he was required to smile at the photo camera.

“I couldn’t pretend being happy in front of the camera, I hated being photographed. The image finally reflected my discomfort and my vexation. It’s still often the case today. I try to recreate the expression of this embarrassment in my portraits, but this time, I provoke it.”

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