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Web Design Matters: North Korean Friends Invest $15 in Web Design

North Korea isn’t failing on the rocket technology alone. After trashing approximately $850 million on the failed satellite launch in April 2012 they moved on to the web site design.

An undergrad student from Fordham University, Michael DiTanna, found that English version of the North Korean Friendship Association website was based on a $15 web template used widely for blogs and personal websites.

While the freshly updated website was a step forward from Flash heavy, slow loading official page (saving on the slow hosting provider?) elite cheerleading squat used in the past, this was still an incompetent decision. DiTanna told Wired blog that while he was researching a story for his political science class he came across the website’s source code which linked the template to “Blender” theme sold by California based web-designer Robert Westmore at Ignite Themes.

Although American and Communist North Korea don’t agree on a lot of things, looks like the usage of web template won’t be a problem.

“I was shocked at first, but after thinking about it I honestly don’t have any problem with them using my template,” says Westmore. “As long as the template is purchased legitimately, individuals or organizations can do whatever they want with the file, I’m not here to judge.”

Well, North Korean Friendship Association did pitch in the whole $15 for the template that Westmore charges US based clients for his great coding and design skills.



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