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Create-Remix-Reuse Cliches of the Movie Posters

French blogger Christophe Courtois put together similar movie posters which depict how every idea is being copied over and over. Are we that stupid or is film industry just out of fresh ideas?

1. Lady in Red.

She is hot, she is independent and she is wearing red. Because that’s what women do in real life, they own only red dresses and one wedding gown.

2. The Rear View.

Prerequisites: the character must be alone, preferably wearing a hat, deadly weapon is a plus but one can just cross their fingers behind their back. The poster is guaranteed to communicate grand power and mystery.

3. I got your back. A view from the side.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Pretty Woman. Bride Wars. You know what I’m talking about. You probably have seen radio show billboards all over your town carrying the same safe and Hollywood approved safe jokes.

4. Ooh La Legs.

They are always lean, mile long and belong to a skinny bare-legged female who probably is not even appearing in the movie but serving as an extension model for a photoshop retouching geek. If you see someone peaking between these wide open prosthetic limbs don’t expect more creativity from the creators of the film than from visual gurus behind the poster. Well, maybe a slightly naked chick and couple of retarded jokes.

5. Bed Side Story.

Do you expect to see sex when you see couple in bed? Well you shouldn’t. Refer to the good old sources instead, you know which ones I’m referring to.

6. The Eye.

Often seen in the horror genre. Except for Avatar, although the peaceful citizens of Pandora would agree that intrusion was similar to the terror of the Dances with Wolves.

7. Feeling Blue.

Nature movies must be done in blue hues. The font should be capitalized and standout against blue background in bright white color. Even Werner Herzog is guilty.

8. Black and White with a hint of fire.

Even though action movies carry more color than ideas nowadays the posters are done in tasteful black and white colors with a splash of red and yellow to ensure the viewer that they’ll blow your mind.

9. Feeling Blue. Again.

How do you differentiate a nature documentary film from a thriller flick with a twist? Well, you tilt the street scene, place a guy or a gal with a gun in it and blur everything except your hero.

10. Face Collage.

Do you own a photomosaic software? You can just dump the footage screens into a mix to create your main subject and voila! Mission accomplished. Want to experiment with other objects? Feel free to use main elements of the story and cross your fingers that no one will guess what the movie is all about.

11. Blindfolded.

Character is blindfolded? It must be a justice movie or a revenge film!

12. Read my face.

Sans serif font? Check!
Big darkly lit hero face? Check!
Provocative premise phrase? Check!

13. Transparent face in the sky.

A silhouette in front of the water reservoir (lake, river, ocean) means tear-jerking drama. Someone is dead or is going to die and you WILL cry. Because every director knows you are sensitive like that.

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