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Post Mortem Art: Kittycopter by Bart Jansen

Dutch artist Bart Jansen turned his beloved cat Orville, named after legendary aviator Orville Wright, into a flying machine – helicopter. The cat was killed by a car and instead of cremating or burying the feline Jansen has decided to stuff the dead animal and attach propellers to his paws.

Jansen explains that the “Orvillecopter” is “half cat, half machine.” Jansen attempts to preemptively quell negative sentiments from animal rights advocates by insisting, “For the cat lovers: it is a tanned hide, just like the shoes you’re wearing.” The flying feline is now on display at the Kunstrai Art Fair in Amsterdam.

The kittycopter is not a very reliable source of transportation as it flies pretty low at this point but Jansen is planning on attaching the more powerful engines to Orville so he can exhibit his mechanical art in Hague in August 2012.


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