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Navy Pier’s “Pierscape” Design Project Selects a Winner

James Corner Field Operations(JCFO) has been selected to redesign Navy Pier’s public spaces, a project named “Pierscape.” Corner and his team were among the five finalists in Navy Pier’s search for a Pierscape design team that will help reimagine the Pier’s public spaces.

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Permalink to Coffee Stains? Turn them into artwork! Hong Yi’s Stained Portrait Art.

Coffee Stains? Turn them into artwork! Hong Yi’s Stained Portrait Art.

Hong Yi, the 26-year-old Shanghai based artist, was inspired by the opening line in Jay Chou’s song, “Secret”. That opening sequence talks about lifting up a coffee cup off the saucer to make fragmented pieces. After hearing the lyrics Hong Yi decided to create his portrait using nothing but Nescafe coffee stains on the bottom of a mug.

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Graphic Design Software and Skills Survey Results

Graphic designers face greater client demands and keeping up with graphic software on the daily basis. Being great and ahead of the curve requires discipline, skills, technical ability to learn new software quickly and efficiently and lots of patience and determination. The infograph based on You the Designer survey results showcases the skills and services designers offer and what they prefer to do in order to stay competitive.

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Permalink to Project Showcase: Floyd’s Pub Posters

Project Showcase: Floyd’s Pub Posters

Floyd’s Pub has been Sharp Pencil Studio’s client for two years now and the relationship has been fruitful. During these past couple of years we’ve created a website and a mobile child, social networking profiles that drew attention of the customers’ and brought new and returning business, and, of course, we collaborated on many design projects. Below we are presenting recent posters Floyd’s has been sporting inside and out of their bar for miscellaneous parties and events bar throws for its loyal clientele on a continuous basis.

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Permalink to Adobe Photoshop goes mobile

Adobe Photoshop goes mobile

The iPad has been lacking image editing software since it’s birth. Up until recently it hasn’t had Photoshop. There was an attempt to fake it with Photoshop Express but quite honestly it felt like I’ve been tasking virgin Bloody Mary instead of the real deal. Photoshop Touch, which was available to Android users, finally hit the app market for iOS geeks.

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