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What's on your wall?

To some, posters might be seen as little more than crass, obtrusive clutter. Yet for others they are essential to the lifeblood and culture of a place. As a medium, posters are profound in their accessibility, directness and simplicity. From an objective point of view, they embody a civic, corporate or pop culture that is messy, subversive, resourceful, sometimes deviant but most of the time educational and inspirational. From another perspective, posters also reflect something deeper: the creativity, entrepreneurship, passion and political ideals of communities. If posters were not an available medium it is probably fair to say that it would mean the loss of an essential component of popular art form. It is also obvious that without posters work places, store fronts and floors as well as common living areas would be a much less interesting places not only to look at, but to live in as well.